Hands down the best Thunderbird to PST Converter in the market!

Thunderbird to PST Converters are the first things that will pop up on your screen when you search for the best way of migrating data from your Thunderbird account to Outlook. The result of your internet search targets a very big pool of software utilities, but not every one of them meets the required quality standard.

Thunderbird to PST Converters: The need of the hour

Thunderbird and Windows Outlook are two very popular email clients. Both have almost similar features and even similar number of users. Both excel at what they do.
It works fine when they act individually, but when you try to tie them together with the process of data migration, problems arise. Thunderbird runs mainly on MacOS based devices and Windows Outlook, well on Windows devices.
Apart from this, there is a major difference between the two that causes a lot of problems. That is the format used by both email clients to store the data. Thunderbird prefers the use of MBOX files and Outlook uses PST files.
Since PST is a proprietary format of Microsoft, thus, Outlook becomes incompatible with all other formats. Thus, you need to convert all the data into PST format to get the data transferred into your Outlook account.

The Thunderbird to PST Converter that you need

Mail Extractor Pro is an exceptional Thunderbird to PST Converter. It comes to you from the prestigious house of USL Software. Known for making quality solutions, USL Software, produced another gem in this tool.

It is a very sophisticated, precise and professional take on your conversion process. It converts all the data without any complications, retains the smaller details and is very easy to use.

Get it today to convert Mac Mail, MBOX, Postbox and Thunderbird to Outlook 365 for Mac and Windows (Support all Outlook versions).

Preserve that precious folder arrangement of yours

Folder arrangement of your input files usually gets messed up when you convert data with ordinary Thunderbird to PST Converter. All your conversations get messed up. This makes post conversion data operations harder.
Mail Extractor Pro knows that and makes sure that you don’t have to face any such problem again. The tool does so by preserving the folder hierarchy from the input database file during the conversion process.
So, the output file that is produced as the result of your conversion process is exactly similar in folder structure to that of folder structure of the input email database files. This makes the post conversion data operations easier and better.

Split those large files according to your preference

Large files can often become problem while importing files into Outlook. Windows Outlook fails to import exceptionally large files. To solve this problem this Thunderbird to PST converter, provides you with an inbuilt PST file splitter.
The tool allows you to split the files into smaller files once they exceed a given size. This ensures that all of your data gets converted and all the files are within size limit so that there is no problem in importing them.
If you want to give the tool a try, get the Thunderbird to PST converter free download trial today.